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72v20ah120a continuous (180a max) Battery

72v5a charger

Kelly 200a controller + mount

3000W MY1020 (11T 25H)

Heatsink and thermal paste

Motor overtemperature protection activated in controller

Short throttle: one-piece (twist throttle + key switch/volt meter + 3spd)

                              Not designed for grip replacement

Long throttle: three-piece (twist throttle + key switch/volt meter + 3spd)

                             soft replaceable MX grips (may not fit stock hadlebars)

20 mile range (185lb rider, dirt road, full throttle)

48mph 13/64 gear (185lb rider)

Prewire and preprogammed ready to plug and go

Communication cable for PC or optional  Bluetooth adapter for Android

Instructions for adjusting power & speed

Fits SX500, MX650/500(Requires removal of upper battery tray)

Same day shipping on most orders placed before 4pm

Delivery in 5 days or less

Ships to lower 48 states only


*note - controller has been set to max power

  MY1020 can take max power but temperature will rise

  Depending on duty cycle, motor may enter temperature protection quickly (4,3 beep)
  For long periods of full throttle KR5V kit is recommended

Razor Kit, 72v Battery + 200a Kelly


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